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Mt rinjani: how to plan Ecofriendly trekking on mountain

The information technology provides opportunities for tourism businesses to develop and explore areas that have the potential to be tr...

The information technology provides opportunities for tourism businesses to develop and explore areas that have the potential to be transformed into new tourist destinations.
of course, this activity has pros and cons. Especially in Gunung Rinjani, the pros and cons are relevant, on the one hand, the economy is increasing and always followed by increasing damage to nature.

For travelers with money whose looking for best agent, Good reputation and Ecofriendly traveling package, of course, this is not difficult, they will only choose a big agent whose name is already well known and has good reviews in the eyes of tourism who have visited, but what for travelers, backpackers with a limited budget to find a good agent and ecofriendly? it requires energy and time
Next -some tips on how to do eco-friendly trekking in Rinjani.

  • Pick only good trekking agent

Choosing a good trekking agent is not easy, it requires research and asks your family or friends that have been trekking to Rinjani. Currently, there are almost 120 trekking operators who sell trekking packages.

To get clear information about their reputation is rather difficult despite the existence of social platforms such as TripAdvisor to track the reputation of agents but it is still not enough to choose the best because of many fake reviews they made.
then what extra action needs to be done:

1. Ask about their legality
Before you do a deal with them, make sure you ask about the legality of their company. The government has disciplined entrepreneurs in Rinjani to register their legitimacy in Rinjani National Park. We need to let you know that not only are big travels running as agents, but there are individuals who can accommodate you and they are legally legal. You can choose those who already have company licenses or individual licenses, both are equally good and provide the package you need while trekking in Rinjani

2. Find out more about them through social media or even reviews of some tourism that has used their services.
Dig deeper about them, today it is very easy to do by visiting their social media and the value of reputation through a review or positive and negative stories about these agents.

3. More programs that they offer besides trekking like, do they plant trees, pick up trash, levies for social activities, etc.

In point 3, not all agents have extra programs that have the potential to support eco-friendly activities. If you refer to each site then you will find the same words "we save nature, we pick up rubbish, we plant trees, we donate to eco-social, many of them are hoaxes, no one is running in earnest and professional, just figurative words.

Have you found the picture?
My purpose in writing this is to provide tourists with a true view to climb Rinjani, not only to choose cheap, cheap agents by throwing away their leftover garbage without any concern for the sustainability of natural life and the source of their livelihoods.

Then what is the solution? Who should you consider to choose?

I am heartened to invite you to join us, use our services because we are 100% committed to thinking and acting not solely for more money but we are environmentally conscious.


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