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Mt Rinjani Trek Distance - Rinjani Holiday Epic Adventure

How far to go during hiking on Rinjani? This most of the question people asking for after how though Rinjani trekking, Rinjani trekkin...

This most of the question people asking for after how though Rinjani trekking, Rinjani trekking price list. As initial knowledge that walking on a mountain is not the same as walking on flat ground as a beach or some urban place. many trekkers underestimate the distance, they though can achieve a mile in an hour but they couldn’t.  These guides told you how far to go from senaru gate to complete your journey on mount Rinjani trekking. The map below describes the trek divided into three stages.

Rinjani Trekking Map by Rinjani Hero

  1. stage one-Route to crater rim senaru (green line color)
  2. The green line describes the track start from senaru gate to crater rim senaru, in total length 7,5 kilometers or 4,6 miles. The hiking trail that goes up and passes through the tropical rain forest along 6 kilometers makes this path quite tiring but comfortable and cool shady trees, on altitude 1800 meters the trees will look sparsely and will change to hills with grass weeds growing. In this place, you should prepare the body from the sun, because it arrives at this part usually at midday and the sun is very hot. Use a protective cap to you can use any hat, sun cream to protect the skin from burning, and of course plenty of water, just in case to bring any mask to cover your breath from dust. the view from these part it has best sunset spot
    Best sunset spot from crater rim senaru
    This on the crater rim, take look a scenery
  3. Stage two-route to cross the valley (red line color)
  4. The track descent to lake
    The most challenging part on Rinjani trekking is on this part line, how come? the length of the track 6 kilometers by 3 kilometers down a steep rocky hill and 3 km up the mountain as high as 600 meters. but you are better, this place is the most attractive part, you can swim in the lake Segara Anak or soak in natural hot spring and watch the volcano closer. If you choose the program 4 day 3 night you can spend the night by setting up a tent on the edge of the lake while fishing.
    fishing on Segara Anak lake
    Naturak Hot spring from we call Aiq Kalaq
    however, if you have a 3-day 2-night program it is mandatory to continue your journey by climbing 600 meters high hill along 3 kilometers to the second crater rim.
  5. Stage three-route to the summit and back down
  6. the terrain to the summit Rinjani
    If I ever say stage two is the most interesting then stage three is the most challenging. This stage will require you to have strong legs and fitness levels. Of course climbing to the summit of Rinjani is not an easy trip, with a distance of 3 kilometers from the second crater rim and steep, sandy terrain and cold weather, but when you reach the summit you will feel extraordinary pleasure and that is the gold, as the proverbial life hurt pain first have fun then. After that, the journey will continue by descending the slope along 8 kilometers and ending in sembalun village. 
    the scenery along way down from crater rim to sembalun
    Some hiking options you can do with the upside by starting trekking from sembalun and ending in senaru village. 


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