How to Arrange Cheap Rinjani Package

Rinjani package prices

Planning a budget for traveling certainly must be planned carefully, because with the budget that is prepared will determine how far you can go and how many locations you can go to. We understand that when you are traveling away from home, all hotelier needs, eating, transportation, paying for travel packages, all of them require a fee that you have to pay if you want the experience you want.

Price determines quality.

You need to know climbing to Rinjani is not easy, of course we need a number of supporting elements to create a safe and comfortable trekking experience, let's say like hotelier, guide and porter, trekking organizer, driver and other stake holder

The most crucial supporting element to realize your trekking safely and comfortably is the presence of a guide and porter, they are absolutely necessary, they will bring all logistics such as camping and food equipment to the mountain, of course they must be paid for it. The number of guides and porters will determine the success of your trekking

if you find a case or hear info about cheap trekking prices and start searching about it and ask "why can they go to Rinjani at a cheaper price while I am more expensive" okay I'll explain!

Super budget is good for your save but worse in service, such as food and beverage you eat, inappropriate trekking equipment (tent, matrass, sleeping bag), and lack safety warning from your guide and porter

Cheap Mount Rinjani trekking package can be achieve with 2 options, first you have to come with your group, the more people in your group will get a cheaper price per person. If you want private trek, maybe you are only 2 people, of course the price will be higher, then what is the difference between sharing packages and private packages ? please read here

For those of you who want a low-priced package, we recommend avoiding online bookings through third parties, now many third parties sell rinjani and they take commissions, he explained as if you were resold to a local agent. Book only on local operators, they will act as the first and last hand to provide trekking service

And if you only have small group, it smart idea to book your trip with trekking organizer who offer medium price, if you looking for them, don’t waste your time Rinjani Holiday team can help you to arrange rinjani trekking with quality service and you can joint our charity program to help poor people and maintain cleanliness of rinjani park