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5 Reason Why You Should Never Trekking to Mount Rinjani

5 Facts about Mount Rinjani that you must know before climbing Rinjani is Steep Do not wait for your old age come, because cl...
5 Facts about Mount Rinjani that you must know before climbing

  1. Rinjani is Steep

  2. Do not wait for your old age come, because climbing rinjani can only be done by people who are fit, the steep trekking path is a challenge that you have to conquer to be able to enjoy the wonderfull of rinjani. If you are a lazy person, I suggest you do not come to Rinjani because it will only suffering experience for you. Sleep at home and watch on your television Sorry if you were offended but I said the facts

  3. Suddenly exploding

  4. rinjani exploded

    If you are the type of person who is full of fears of death, you should not climb to Rinjani, because this mountain is still very active so I suggest you not to go along with the climber who is desperate to climb to Rinjani. Rinjani often explodes without any warning signs or information from the mountain monitoring officer. But do you know the more active a mountain will be more challenging and display a rare sight and only brave people will witness the strength of God and the masterpiece of God. One thing for you to consider in this life, all the events that occur and will occur have fate, if the time of your death has arrived even though you are in front of the TV watching your favorite program, hiding in the barracks guarded by special forces will still pick up you. While the body is still healthy, the breath is smooth, the muscles are tight, face this world, climb the mountains and experience the ocean, if you feel yourself strong prove it? I'm waiting for you to be on rinjani.

  5. Many monkeys and plants that sting

  6. macac rinjani

    There are flora and fauna in Rinjani, the most dominant animals are monkeys, monkeys are cute animals but sometimes become animals that are not friendly and can hurt, rob your things so be careful with these animals. Fortunately, these animal habitats are in certain places, not all campsite. Beside that, you also have to be careful when you want to enter the bushes even if only to urinate, because in some places in Rinjani you will be face overgrown with stinging plants that will sting you when touching. Be careful and always follow the advice from your guide.

  7. Lots of garbage
  8. It is undeniable that at this time trekking activities in Rinjani are increasing and cannot be covered nor will there be more garbage, therefore if you are disgusted with these you should not climb to Rinjani. Did you know that clean is not always good, sometimes it is dirty is good, as indigenous people we feel worried about this because it can kill the ecosystem and opportunities for employment in our place. So we invite you climbers who care about the environment to participate in helping Rinjani get rid of trash by choosing a trekking agent that offers eco friendly trekking or you can join us to set aside 30% profit from selling trekking packages to donate to charities and maintain cleanliness.

  9. Extreme temperatures
  10. If you are afraid of extreme weather, afraid of heat, rain, rinjani is not a good place to fill your vacation, why do I say that because in rinjani the weather cannot be guessed, bad weather can occur suddenly and you must be prepared to face it. But for a traveler who likes natural challenges, Gunung Rinjani can be your inspiration and put in your travel plan list if you visit eastern Indonesia 

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