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We are in the Senaru area of North Lombok, our members consist of indigenous people who are settled, the existence of Mount Rinjani makes us grateful for giving us a living by being a guide or porter. For those of you who wish to climb while helping in the form of donations to our disadvantaged communities, you can join us in how to choose the package that we have provided and we will set aside 25% to donate to those in need.

why do we invite you to donate to every trekking package that you choose? because "the best human being in the world is beneficial to others"
What community do we help? Certainly not a society which in our view is classified as capable, we focus on small farmers who lack assets to buy fertilizer, garbage collectors who are daily looking for trash for sale, farmers who are friendly to nature such as beekeepers who maintain to get a day's income, orphaned, decrepit old man.
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But our focus is on creating synergies between communities to love the environment, such as not disposing of garbage, and in the future we will make garbage banks, hold waste breakers and other recycling devices so that it is easier to manage waste so that it grows public awareness of the benefits recycle. besides that we have a mission to reduce deforestation by planting 1,000 trees at the beginning of the year we set up this agent and will continue as needed
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We invite you to participate in our program, by choosing us as trekking and your tour agency has been participatory in helping those in need.