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Porter with load Warm greetings from us, rinjani holiday team, our pleasure to introduce our rinjani trekking charity program. We ar...
Porter with load

Warm greetings from us, rinjani holiday team, our pleasure to introduce our rinjani trekking charity program. We are unique tour operator service which is head office in Senaru, Lombok. Rinjani, well know as one of the most visited tourist destinations around the world and it is considered to be a Geo park in Indonesia.

First, I want to thank you for taking the time and showing your interest in my cause. You’re awesome people

My name is Taufik rizal, I am a business owner, adventurer, humanitarian, and I’m a guide.

I work for couple year served thousand tourist in a year on mount rinjani. I am interested in this activities. Every profit that is made, 30% flows directly into our charity and eco trekking programs so if you book with us, it's a win win situation. Through our tour- and booking services, a poor porter can earn more and can indirectly educate the public to get used to not throwing away garbage as much as possible.

Why are we unique:

  1. We Educated -- Every porter and guide we invite to work together on trekking will indirectly educate by us, giving advice that "disposing of garbage is tantamount to breaking the livelihood slowly. And thanks to the support of many tourism that uses our services, it provides the ability to run this program step by step
  2. We are direct company -- without the need for a third intermediary to realize your desire for trekking to Rinjani. Did you know that there are many agents out there who sell rinjani and they act as third parties, whose business name is surely they want to profit so that you will be attracted at a price that is more expensive than our price.
  3. We are trekking to donate -- We divide 30% of the profits we will channel directly to social programs such as helping orphans, helping poor parents, and supporting greening programs for the good of nature.
  4. Our guides and porters are the best people -- We always select guides and porters who will be with you, and you know to get good service, you don't have to book with a large trekking company where all are paid more, but you will get quality service if you are with a good guide and porter. experienced. And we have all that we choose from resilient locals
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There are people who have much more than they need to live while others have barely enough to survive.

Poor people do not have enough clothing, food, education and healthcare. Being poor means deprived economically, politically and socially. They hardly get opportunities. They have inadequate nutrition, higher risk of diseases and lack access to healthcare and basic essentials for living resulting in low achievement.

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I am hiking for a couple of reasons:

  1. I want to create greater awareness for our hero’s in the community. The organisations that tirelessly give and help those less fortunate.
  2. I have a passion for adventure. Being outdoors rejuvenates the soul, clears the mind and and strengthens the body.
  3. I hike to be humbled. I love the wildness, but I know that when I’m hiking long distances my legs will burn, my lungs will struggle for breathe, the sun will burn my neck and the wind will chap my cheeks. I know there are threats and risks, it’s humbling to know that as soon as I leave safety of my home, Mother Nature is in charge.
  4. I hike to be thankful. Have you ever stood in the middle of the wilderness and been filled with gratitude almost to the point of tears? Gratitude to the earth, gratitude to people who had the foresight to preserve wild spaces, gratitude to your strong body for getting you there, gratitude for the sunshine warming your body or the gentle breeze cooling it down? I have a lot to be thankful for, sometimes I need a trip down a pathway to be reminded of that.

Make your trekking feel more, get more with the price of a trekking package that is friendly to your wallet and get quality service from our team.

Help us to be one of the big communities in the world that will save the ecosystem and always be grateful that life is not greedy.

This is just a stepping stone to even greater projects I will establish later, for I know that I am here to serve others and leave this earth better than when I arrived.


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